Demountable Compactor Body LEV Sideloader

The MANCO Environmental Demountable Body Packer and LEV Sideloader consists of a “shoebox” packer and demountable compaction body (hook lift bin with specialised wheels, taildoor, and interface points).

Garbage bags are picked up by the operator, and can be manually placed into the compaction hopper. Alternatively, there is a comb-style bin lifter for use on 80-litre, 120-litre and 240-litre mobile garbage bins (wheelie bins).

Contents are packed into the chamber of the hooklift bin body with a high density packer.

Emptying of the contents is facilitated by transfer of the hooklift bin to a hook lift vehicle, whereby the rear door can be swung open 270-deg’s and the hook lift can tip the contents at a transfer station or landfill.

Hook lift bins can be swapped, full for empty, and the Demountable Body Packer can continue collecting refuse whilst the hook lift truck travels to the land fill / transfer station.