Manco Environmental Ltd is a member of the Manco Engineering Group of companies. The group specialises in ground breaking technologies in the waste\recycling industries and equipment and services for Rail Electrification Construction and down stream maintenance.

Manco Environmental is New Zealand's largest manufacturer, distributor and exporter of specialised mobile and stationary plant that offers genuine solutions for sustainable programmes; waste minimization; kerbside recycling and stationary plant, materials handling  efficiencies. The introduction of an autonomous division with a focus on water filtration and water recycling is a perfect fit within the company's mission statement.

With modern manufacturing facilities, the company provides cost effective equipment that is constantly finding growing acceptance within global markets.  Manco Engineering Australia Pty Ltd with it's head office in NSW handles Australian distribution either directly or through its dealer network.

From automated, sideloaders, low entry vehicles, front loaders, rear loaders, and multi compartment kerbside collection vehicles, the company prides it's self in finding realistic and robust solutions that meet the needs of the 'hard to please" contractors.

Recent projects, focusing on the reduction of waste to landfill, includes the development of a light weight specialized organic (food) waste collection vehicle using a new high molecular polyethylene body, providing a 4,000kg payload on an 8,000kg GVM vehicle.

Another key product is the new "Tri-combie", a specialized multi kerbside collection vehicle that embraces the latest in automated materials handling and separates glass, refuse and recyclables with speed and precision. 
The company treasures its relationship with its overseas partners which include such companies as; Perkins Manufacturing, Wayne Engineering, Big Belly Solar Bins, Bio Hitech Aerobic Digesters and recently EMP Industries, specializing in water and sewer technologies.